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Author: Tom Swayer

It is hard to get a fair estimate of the cost of employee fraud on the UK economy as there is unwillingness to admit to losses in order to protect the image of the company. Public services and directors of businesses cannot allow fraud cases to impact on how people perceive them as leaders.

Marcus Evans fraud conferences have experts that will speak about specifics of fraud schemes and how to protect your business from fraudsters. Many businesses have gone under because of fraudsters so don't underestimate the impact just one employee can have on your business.

Employee fraud is growing year on year and with the current economic recession more people could be said to be turning to committing fraud. A recent survey by Leicester University showed 70% of 2,000 people interview admitted that they would commit fraud if they thought they would get away with it. Staggering!

Having a think about your business, have you provided fraud scheme prevention training to your managers or have you even sought advice for yourself? If you said no, you're among almost all businesses.

Here are some fraud indicators to watch out for

Using the above indicators and have a think about the staff employed in your business and pass on this information to managers within.

Employee fraud being committed is increasingly linked to organised crime with more and more dishonest staff being linked to drugs, vice, terrorism and other organised crime. Fraud is big and serious business, take steps now to protect your business. I highly recommend that you attend a Marcus evans fraud conference, seminar or summit event where you will learn about the scale of fraud, how to protect your business and hear stories of how others have unfortunately been hit.

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Tom Swayer writes articles covering a broad range of subjects. His main area of expertise is fraud awareness and scam prevention. Tom has written articles on these subjects including a recent article covering the Marcus evans fraud conferences.

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