Mississauga-Brampton Sports Teams & Leagues

Here is a quick summary of how to get involved with sports by yourself or with a group. Find out how to join a team or league, and make new friends!

Put on runners and shorts and head to one of the many aerobics clubs and gyms, including the "Y".
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This summer, you can watch or play in a baseball game, in one of over 20 leagues in the Mississauga-Brampton area). If you want to watch baseball, you can catch the major league Toronto Blue Jays, playing in that city's Skydome.

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Basketball is a year-round sport. Call the local Parks & Recreation department
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Ride on the region's many bike paths. Mountain biking is allowed on many of the trails in popular parks in the region.
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Bowling with family or friends is fun at the dozen bowling lanes around town. Enquire to join league play!
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Mississauga's indoor curling arenas offer this Olympic sport year-round. There are several curling rinks and clubs in the Mississauga area, each with a league, as well as inter-club play.
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There are a number of diving facilities in the Mississauga-Brampton area. Contact the local Parks & Recreation department or local swimming pool.
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There are lots of good places to go fishing around Mississauga, on Lake Ontario, and along the Credit River.
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Football leagues are hopping late summer into the fall. Contact the Brampton Minor Football Association 905-458-8484, Gaelic Football Club 905-791-2795, or the Mississauga Football League 905-593-9216.
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Grab your clubs and head to the 50-odd public or semi-public golf courses around town. (List and maps of golf courses. Take a class or enquire about one-on-one instruction from the golf pro.
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Gymnastics has a high media profile at the Olympics, and has the youngest entry (and retirement) ages. Here some good organizations.
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Hiking takes you into the world of nature. This city has a number of paved and unpaked trails in city parks, as well as the rustic landscapes of the area's various Conservation Areas and parks.
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Skates and a hockey stick is all you need to play hockey. Check with city rinks listing for ice times. There are about 20 leagues in Mississauga & Brampton. You can catch exciting Jr "A" hockey with either the:

  • Bramalea Blues Jr. ĎA' Hockey Club 905) 670-8831 ext.224 who play at Victoria Park Arena 905-793-7500
  • Brampton Capitals Jr. ĎA' Hockey Club 416-347-3845 who play at Brampton Memorial Arena 905-874-2874
  • Mississauga Chargers Jr. ĎA' Hockey Club 416-347-3845 who play at Port Credit Arena 905-278-6421
  • Georgetown Raiders , playing at Mold Masters Sportsplex (Alcott Arena) 905-873-2783
  • Credit Valley Wolves - 905-785-0273
  • Mississauga Icedogs AAA - 905-502-7788
  • Streetsville Tigers AA - 905-814-8583

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Ice skating
Mississauga & Brampton have ice skating year-round, plus winter-time outdoor rinks (city rinks listing). In the summer-time, cool of at the city's indoor rinks.
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Martial Arts
Learn to defend yourself at a half-dozen studios, where they train in both the mental and physical skills in the martial arts.
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The region has several mini golf courses, in major communities and in the major tourist areas.

Rock Climbing
Rock climbing is gaining in popularity. There are plenty of interesting rocks along the Niagara Escarpment, particularly on the Bruce Peninsula.
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Rugby is about as rough and tough as football. Its probably as much fun to watch as play! Check out the teams and leagues in Barrie: Contact the local Parks and Recreation department
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Running, Track & Field
Run along any of this area's hundreds of miles of paths. Scenic runs head through the area's natural areas. There are several organized races over the summer, with a variety of distances, nd several track & field meets each summer. Contact the Brampton Track Club 905-793-4068, C3 Mississauga Triathlon Club 905-569-9100 ext.2070, Credit Valley Marathon Club 905-820-3304, or Mississauga Track and Field Club 905-896-4192.
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Barrie has several leagues for the world's most popular sport: Contact any one of 30 leagues and teams in the community.
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Skiing, Cross-Country
Close to Barrie are several great cross-country ski venues. When there's snow on the ground, try any of the larger city and provincial parks.
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Skiing, Downhill
There are also a number of downhill ski hills in the city and surrounding area. There are several close to Mississauga because of the proximity of the Niagara Escarpment, and to area ravines.
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